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TRAICE Mission and Purpose

TRAICE Middle and High school is a school with a very specific purpose - to provide strategies and supports that strengthen students' academic, behavioral, and social skills to prepare them for the real world.

Students at TRAICE are sent there usually because of behavioral issues. Many perceive it as a last chance school for students, but it is much more than that according to Principal Elizabeth Martin, “Students usually don’t want to come, but by the end of their placement, they want to stay”.

A lot of that has to do with how TRAICE operates. Smaller classes and a more relaxed environment gives students a chance to focus on their studies.

TRAICE also focuses on students' emotions and how that affects the way they learn. With smaller classroom environments, TRAICE’s staff has more time and resources to assist their students' individual needs.

The school works closely with students and their families to overcome personal issues and needs. Students are provided assistance with transportation and are offered opportunities to get permits and licenses; this year alone, TRAICE has helped six students receive their food handlers permits.

TRAICE also has on-site licensed therapists from A New Way Center who provide group and individual therapy sessions for students as required and requested.

Students spend 9-18 weeks at TRAICE and are then integrated back into their schools. TRAICE staff works closely with the schools to make the transition as smooth as possible.

TRAICE is a place for personal growth and development with a home feel.